Radio essays and interviews, podcasts, video interviews, and videos of talks and keynotes

Radio interviews, podcasts, and audio essays

"Out of the Ivory Tower," audio essay about the Arts of Citizenship Program, broadcast on Michigan Radio (1999)

Interview about nontraditional college students, from the podcast “Reboot Higher Education (2018)

Interview about my research on nontraditional students, broadcast on Michigan Radio's "Stateside" program (2017)

"What Adult Learners Really Need (Hint: It's Not Just Job Skills"
NPR Education Team print interview about nontraditional students, posted on the nprEd blog

video interviews

Interview about the Museum L-A exhibition, "Weaving A World," Concordia University, Montreal (2011)

Interview about public scholarship, Scholars and Publics Program, Duke University (2013)

Interview about nontraditional students, "Intersectionality and Well-Being" conference, Bringing Theory To Practice (2017)





Interview about the concept of "the public," project on Keywords: Working With People, The New School (2012)

videos of talks and keynotes

E Pluribus Plenum: Why We (the People) Need the Humanities,” keynote, National Humanities Alliance (2014) (revised and published in Michigan Quarterly Review)

"In Here/Out There: The Place of Scholarship In a Democracy," University of Richmond (2012)

 "Civic Engagement and the Copernican Moment," keynote, Imagining America national conference (2011) (revised and published in IA's Foreseeable Futures pamphlet series)

“Current Crises and Creative Currents,” University of Michigan lecture series on academic innovation (2018)